Yes, We Are Open …….

We hope you are doing well in this second lockdown and have survived the first weekend.

It is great news that the Government has finally recognised Sports Therapists as professionals in the healthcare industry and we are recognised alongside osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists.



This is just a polite note to let you all know “The Rehab Room” is now open and working under guidelines from our governing body “The Sports Therapy Organisation” with restricted capacity.



The law states clearly that a person must not leave their home unless for specific exemptions such as work, shop for groceries and access to healthcare services such as ourselves.

The stipulation to qualify for treatment in the current climate is that
‘treatment can be provided for injury or pain, to prevent escalation for the need to access NHS services or to prevent drastic disruption to daily life activities’.
Hence, we are still here to treat face to face and ease any severe pain you are experiencing to help you continue your routines,

Unfortunately things will not be as normal as part of the screening process will involve triage by telephone conversation and video calls (using zoom, what’s app or any other platforms) where possible prior to any appointment decision being made.




Massage may be used but will not be the main point of treatment. We focus on joint mobility, use stretching and muscle energy techniques, and trigger point work to reduce pain and increase movement through the sessions and use of kinesiology taping for support whilst recovery. This is no different to our current mode of practice.

Appointments will not last no longer than 45 minutes and only one person will be present unless a career is needed.
PPE protection is used at all times and followed by Government guidelines.
Appointments will still be at our usual clinic on Torquay Road.

Thank you and keep safe through these weird times, and we are always here to help with any questions and concerns, and hope to see you all soon.

TEL – 07933295045