The Rehab Room Update Regarding Clinic Opening…….

We have had many clients contact us asking if clinic is still opening during the new Covid lockdown that has started this week in the UK with new restrictions that are quite confusing.

At this present time, clinic will be closed until further notice, as we are waiting on Government guidelines targeting our industry to be forwarded to our governing body ‘The Sports Therapy Organisation’. Hopefully we will be able to open soon once these official guidelines are released to us. Many governing bodies have stated that therapists can now work. However, there are many restrictions involved with this and we all have to follow our own bodies, and these will be slightly different from one another.  In the mean time, we will be looking into how we personally can re-open safely for our clients.

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Hence, there is a vast amount of confusing information regarding therapists at level 4 and above being able to treat at present with acute sever injury only affecting an individuals need to work .Make sure you see therapists that know how to treat your injury. Container confusion |

Please be cautious with therapists who are treating and stating they can treat these types of injury in the acute stage. As treatments given at this early stage is very vital and need to be treated correctly as this effects the proliferation stages and can delay and even cause more damage than the initial injury or dysfunction it self.

We will keep you updated with clinic re-opening once guidelines have been received like all other therapists should be.

Please contact us with any queries or concerns you have regarding your treatment and if you need to seen once we are permitted.

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