What is paraffin wax?

As it stands, there is no immediate “cure” for Arthritis. This could be partially due to the fact that Arthritis is simply a relative term to identify a multitude of diseases that cause joint pain, stiffness, aches, and strain. On paper, Arthritis seems to be a mild disease but when the joints begin to not work properly due to immense pain or stiffness, it’s taken a lot more seriously. There are mild, moderate, and severe forms of Arthritis but they all have one thing in common; it cannot be cured and there’s no magic treatment. What might work for someone else can not work for you and that is one of the most difficult parts of managing this disease.

However, despite different treatment plans, there are homeopathic solutions that can ease the pain and discomfort of Arthritis. Besides all the topical ointments, hot and cold therapies, and long baths, there’s another treatment on the market that can soothe this irritation.

Paraffin Wax

This is a mineral heavy wax made from petroleum, unlike other wax, Paraffin Wax is soft and melts at a low temperature which makes it safe and comfortable to submerge hands or feet in. The science behind it is that the mineral oil, Paraffin, and petroleum based wax soothes joints and offers a relaxing solution for baths or “dips”. The combination of petroleum and mineral oil also softens the skin, which can also treat severe Arthritis.

By using a Paraffin Wax Warmer, submerging feet or hands is a simple, quick treatment to gain some relief from poor circulation, muscle spasms, joint stiffness and pain. The warmer keeps the wax at the desired temperature to safely receive proper therapy, which is a very convenient way to relieve the aches and pains brought on by Arthritis.

The best way to utilize this treatment is by also using a pair of Paraffin Wax Warmer Terry Mitts, this product aids in heat retention and allows for a longer therapy without having to submerge your hands in the wax warmer. These mitts are best used with disposable liners to improve clean-up.

Read on to learn more about the uses, benefits, and side effects of paraffin wax.


What are the benefits of paraffin wax?

Paraffin wax has cosmetic and therapeutic benefits.


Cosmetic benefits

Cosmetically, paraffin wax is often applied to the hands and feet. The wax is a natural emollient, helping make skin supple and soft. When applied to the skin, it adds moisture and continues to boost the moisture levels of the skin after the treatment is complete.

It can also help open pores and remove dead skin cells. That may help make the skin look fresher and feel smoother.


Therapeutic benefits

Paraffin wax can be used to help relieve pain in the hands of people with:

  • osteoarthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • fibromyalgia
  • other joint mobility issues

It acts like a form of heat therapy and can help increase blood flow, relax muscles, and decrease joint stiffness. Paraffin wax can also minimize muscle spasms and inflammation as well as treat sprains.


Are there side effects?

Paraffin wax is tested in a lab to make sure it’s safe and hygienic to use on the body. It’s completely natural and has a low melting point, which means it can be easily applied to the skin at a temperature low enough not to cause burns or blisters.

However, if you have very sensitive skin, paraffin wax may cause heat rash. Heat rash results in small red bumps on the skin that can be itchy and uncomfortable.

You should not use paraffin wax if you have:

  • poor blood circulation
  • numbness in your hands or feet
  • diabetes
  • any rashes or open sores

If you have a chemical sensitivity, you may develop minor swelling or breakouts from the wax treatment. That’s because paraffin comes from petroleum products.

Don’t stop searching for a treatment that’s right for you, our bodies are all different and react to treatments and therapies differently. The most creditable, safe, and helpful sources of treatment can be found in natural therapies such as wax baths, hot/cold compresses, and a healthy dose of joint exercise for a proper therapeutic experience.

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